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Form submission: South Carolina Fire Department and EMS Application

Name: Ex: C. Scanlan: Brayden Fleming

Discord ID:: 845090510686388245

Discord Username:: SwiftFawn188142

List all departments you are currently in, including pending applications: : N/A

List all departments you are currently blacklisted from. If you have no blacklists, type "N/A": N/A

Why did you decide to apply for a position within the South Carolina Fire Department? * [ MIN. 55 Words ]: I have watched multiple videos of this roleplay server and was impressed on the way it was ran. I am new to the PC side of gaming and have wanted to join this server since the first time I have watched it. I do have a background in the Fire/Ems side of public service. 

Do you have any real life experience in Fire, EMS or Law Enforcement? If yes please explain, if no then put “no” * [ MIN. 55 Words ] : I am currently a volunteer EMT/FF and have been for going on 5 years, I also work for the county 911 ambulance service and have been doing that for a little over a year. At the county agency we do an average of 35,000 runs a year with 6 ALS ambulances and cover a metro and rural area. With the fire department, we run an average of 300 calls a year and cover the second largest coverage area in the state of Indiana. Within the fire department, we have 2 BLS ambulances that we run, and also provide county back up with. 

Do you understand that if your application is accepted you are not to ask for a training and wait for one to be announced? : Yes

Do you understand that if you’re application is accepted you are not allowed to play on any other fivem servers?: Yes

On average how many hours per week could you work for the South Carolina Fire Department? (5 hours per week are required): 5 to 10

Please type your initials to certify the answers you have given and submit when done: BF


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